MacBook Repairs Melbourne

Living in Melbourne CBD, you need a reliable place to get your MacBook repaired. AMT Electronics is the premier provider of MacBook repairs near you. Our team offers expert repair services and fixes for all your device needs.

Whether you need the screen on your MacBook replaced, require a logic board repair or need a battery replacement, our technicians can handle any issue. We are fully equipped to handle all repairs and will have your device back up and running smoothly again.

Experts in MacBook Repair Services

At AMT Electronics, our team of experts has over 15 years of experience fixing all models of Macbooks. We are certified technicians who regularly undergo further training to stay up to date with the latest Macbook devices and technologies. 

You can trust us to have the skills and qualifications needed to diagnose and repair any issue with your Macbook, no matter what the problem may be. Our expertise ensures we can complete repairs efficiently and get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

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All MacBook Repair Services

We Repair All Types of MacBooks

MacBook Air

MacBook Screen Replacement Cost

MacBook Air 13:Price:Time:
MacBook Air 13" A2337$59530-90 minutes
MacBook Air 13” A2179$59530-90 minutes
MacBook Air 13” A1932$51930-90 minutes
MacBook Air 13” A1446$47530-90 minutes
MacBook Air 13” A1369$47530-90 minutes
MacBook Air 11:Price:Time:
MacBook Air 11” A1466$47530-90 minutes
MacBook Air 11” A1465$49930-90 minutes
MacBook Air 11” A1370$47530-90 minutes
MacBook Pro 16:Price:Time:
MacBook Pro 16″ A2141Call (03)..30-90 minutes
MacBook Pro 16″ A2485Call (03)..30-90 minutes
MacBook Pro 15 Touch bar:Price:Time:
MacBook Pro 15″ A1990$115030-90 minutes
MacBook Pro 15″ A1707$135030-90 minutes
MacBook Pro 15" A1706/1708$59530-90 minutes
MacBook Pro 15 Retina:Price:Time:
Macbook Pro Retina 15″ A1398$79530-90 minutes
MacBook Pro 14:Price:Time:
MacBook Pro 14″ A2442Call (03)..30-90 minutes
MacBook Pro 13:Price:Time:
MacBook Pro 13″ A2159$59530-90 minutes
MacBook Pro 13″ A2338$59530-90 minutes
MacBook Pro 13″ A2289$59530-90 minutes
MacBook Pro 13″ A2251$59530-90 minutes
MacBook Pro 13 Retina:Price:Time:
MacBook Pro Retina 13″ A1502$65530-90 minutes
MacBook Pro Retina 13″ A1425$65530-90 minutes
MacBook battery replacementsCall (03)..30-60 minutes
Other MacBook Pro repairsCall (03)..Varies

Why Choose AMT Electronics

Quick Repair Services

When your MacBook needs repair, it’s important to choose a technician you can trust. With a Melbourne CBD centre location and convenient appointment booking online or via phone, the service is accessible and hassle-free.


15+ Years of Experience

Our experienced team is certified and receives ongoing manufacturer training to keep up with the latest systems. Only genuine components are used for repairs and replacements, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.


Warranty Included

Trust that you’ll receive an accurate quote before any work commences and a warranty on all completed repairs. Quality is ensured through the exclusive use of genuine components for any necessary repairs or replacements.


Timmy Jones
Great customer support
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Great Specials on Mobile Phone SIM Cards Half Price. They seem to always have great prices for SIM Cards, they even activate it on the stop. Great Place to go.
Bobby Fisher
Bobby Fisher
Flexible services
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I was studying all night not too far away from my year 12 exams. Luckily i found a store in the city AMT Electronics Repair Centre which they could easily repair my mac with no problems and at a low cost.
Charlie Zany
Charlie Zany
Inexpensive prices
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Great Customer Service. My son was desperate for a new mobile phone so i decided to bring him in with me and wow. Not just did i receive my low costing mobile phone i also got a new sim card at a cheap price for my son and I. Thankyou AMT Electronics Repair Centre for all your help.
Affordable prices
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Really great service. I left my laptop in over night to have the hinge fixed. They quoted a much lower price than other shops since they were able to fix and reinstall the hinge rather than replace multiple parts. The laptop is touch screen and convertible so an extra delicate job had to be done. They were friendly and really knew what they were talking about. Delighted with how everything turned out, it's as good as new!
Newar Maximus
Newar Maximus
Quick & Reliable
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I had an experience, with the phone repair service! Right, from the moment I stepped in the staff was extremely friendly and attentive. They swiftly. Resolved the problem with my phone. Now its working flawlessly. What pleasantly surprised me was that not was their service fast. It was also reasonably priced. I truly value their professionalism and expertise. I highly recommend this place to anyone who needs phone and laptop repairs. Thank you much!"

The Most Common MacBook Issues

Cracked Screen

One of the most frustrating problems many Apple device owners face is a cracked screen. Over time, the glass screen can develop hairline fractures or bigger cracks from normal wear and tear or accidental drops. A cracked screen makes it difficult to view content clearly and interface with touch functions.

Liquid Damage

All electronic devices can be vulnerable if liquid makes its way inside. With Apple laptops, even a small amount of liquid in just the right spot could disrupt important connections inside. It’s always best to keep drinks and your laptop separate to prevent liquid damage. But if it does happen, don’t lose hope! Bringing it to us right away may help minimise the effects before they worsen.

Battery Issues

Over time and charging cycles, a laptop’s battery will naturally lose the capacity to hold and maintain power. This is normal battery wear but it can negatively impact usability. Apple batteries are no exception and may show signs like short runtimes, bulging casings or an inability to charge fully.

Keyboard Malfunctions

One frustrating problem laptop owners may face is keyboard malfunctions. Over prolonged use, debris can accumulate under keys leading to errors when typing. This is common in laptops that are frequently moved around or used in dusty environments. Liquid or food spills may also cause keys to stop responding properly. Sometimes keys may stick or double type without user input. These problems interfere with productivity and usability.

Slow Performance

Over time, the gradual accumulation of files and programs can cause an Apple Mac laptop to run sluggishly. Opening and closing apps may take longer than before. Some typical signs include delayed boot-ups, applications hanging, and sluggish responsiveness in general. These performance issues are frustrating for users needing their Mac laptop to be quick and efficient.

Mac Software Problems

In addition to any hardware issues, Mac laptops may also experience annoying software bugs. Things like your laptop freezing up, apps not working right, or getting stuck in the login/startup can be really frustrating.

These problems are usually caused by a few different things. Sometimes other programs or devices you use that aren’t made by Apple can conflict with your laptop. Files inside that help your laptop run smoothly might also get mixed up or broken. Having outdated Mac software is another common cause of issues.

Comprehensive list of all MacBook repair services We Offer:

Screen Repair (LCD & Retina)

If your MacBook’s screen is damaged, like having dead or stuck pixels, lines/streaks, or a cracked screen, we can fix it. We have many replacement screens available for different MacBook models.

Our technicians are well-trained to change out a damaged screen. First, we’ll carefully take your laptop apart. Then we’ll transfer all the inside parts to a new screen. Putting it all back together carefully is just as important.

When we are done, you’ll have a like-new screen installed. The whole process is detailed yet quick. We want you back up and running with a great looking screen again in no time. Just bring your MacBook to us and we’ll assess the issue. Chances are we have the right replacement screen to solve the problem.

Battery Replacement

Having problems with your laptop’s battery can really get in the way of getting things done. It’s annoying when your MacBook shuts off before you’re ready.

The technicians here at AMT Electronics are experts at checking your battery’s health. They’ll find out what’s going on and the best way to fix it. Whether your battery just needs to be replaced or there’s another issue, we’ll take care of it.

The process of working on your battery will be done very carefully. Our goal is to bring your laptop’s power performance back to normal. You’ll be able to rely on it staying charged long enough again without surprises.

After we’re finished, you can count on having optimised battery life for your daily tasks. No more early shutdowns! Let our specialists properly diagnose and resolve the problem for good.

Logic Board Repair

We are very knowledgeable about Mac logic boards. When issues like not starting up, crashing, or wireless problems, they can pinpoint what specific parts are causing trouble.

Their process will carefully determine the exact logic board repair that’s needed. High-quality tools and special software help them properly diagnose the root cause.

Any technical repairs are carried out to fix the problem. Then full testing of all parts is done to make sure everything is working optimally again. Whether it’s a sensor, chip or circuitry issue, our team has the skills to identify and resolve logic board problems.

You can trust they have the experience needed to get your Mac up and running smoothly once more. A quality analysis and precise repairs are how they ensure optimised performance after any logic board work is completed.

Liquid Damage Cleaning

The technicians here have a lot of experience working on devices exposed to moisture, both personal and professional equipment.

If liquid has gotten inside your laptop, they have specialised tools to carefully take it apart so every small area can be accessed. A multi-step cleaning and drying process is used to remove any hidden water residue that others may overlook.

Once your Mac is put back together with care, thorough tests are done to verify everything is working correctly again. You can trust our team’s extensive skills at purging liquid contaminants from hard to reach places.

We will disassemble, deeply clean and thoroughly dry your device to ensure full functionality is restored. Our goal is to get your Mac up and running smoothly once more after any liquid damage issues

Keyboard Repair

If your MacBook keyboard is not working right, our repair team can help fix it. Typing is really important for getting things done, so we want to get your keyboard working well again fast.

The technicians here are trained to carefully take apart your laptop to access the keyboard. They’ll quickly remove any faulty keys or parts. Then a new replacement keyboard will be installed, either an Apple one or a high-quality third-party option.

Great care is taken during the process so no other inside pieces are harmed. Reassembly puts everything back together properly. After a keyboard replacement, tests will be done to ensure all keys are now working as they should.

You can trust our trained staff to efficiently repair or swap out your laptop’s keyboard so typing performance is fully restored. Smooth and fast typing is important, and we’ll have you up and running quickly again!

Data Recovery

We know how valuable your laptop and the files on it are to you. That’s why we have special areas, tools and well-trained staff to help get your lost data back.

Sometimes to recover files, the internal hard drive needs expert repair. Other times, we can directly access stuck data on a damaged laptop. Either way, our engineers have helped many clients by rescuing huge amounts of important photos, documents, work projects and other files they thought were gone for good.

No matter the situation, you can trust us to give it our best effort to get your missing data restored. Your files are important to protect, and that’s why we focus on having the tools, skills and clean facilities to perform these types of services.

Software Installation & Upgrades

Our technicians are well-trained to help make your Mac run even better. They can take a close look to see what tweaks could speed it up. Things like deleting unused programs, updating really old apps, or adding helpful ones are some ideas.

Installing or removing software is something they do very carefully. We can also help if you have to set up a whole bunch of Macs for work.

Special tools and a careful process ensure any changes go smoothly. Everything will work together nicely, so your Mac performs as fast as it can.

Let the experts check things out and give custom tips just for your Mac. Whether a few fixes or lots of computers, you can trust they’ll optimise it the right way. They’ll make sure your software is all running like it should.

Other Repairs

Here at the repair centre, we make sure to learn both new and older repair methods. That way we can fix MacBooks from all eras.

We keep a big supply of replacement parts on hand to service all the popular MacBook models. Plus some really old Apple laptops too. No matter the issue, we have experience fixing it. That could mean replacing small pieces, repairing dents, solving software bugs, or strange technical problems.

No job is too tough for our team. We do whatever it takes to figure out problems and make repairs properly. Our goal is to give you reliable service and quality work at a fair price. Our repair division is dedicated to making sure your MacBook is up and running like new again. You can count on our expert help to get your laptop working perfectly once more.