Data Recovery Melbourne CBD

AMT Electronics is known to be the best data recovery specialist based in Melbourne CBD offering superior data retrieval services. As experts, we have a team of professionals who are highly skilled in recovering lost, deleted or corrupted data from hard drives, SSDs, phones and other devices. Our team have years of experience in successfully retrieving inaccessible data for clients in Melbourne and nearby suburbs.

Expert in Data Recovery Services

As expert specialists, our team takes pride in providing top-notch data recovery services and retrieval to our clients. We have extensively trained professionals who have qualifications and experience in handling a wide range of data recovery services. 

Our specialists are equipped with industry-leading tools and techniques to perform some of the most difficult services successfully. You can count on us for reliable services delivered by specialists with many years of experience in this domain.

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Why Choose AMT Electronics


Quick Repair Services

At AMT Electronics, we understand the importance as well as the urgency of data for our clients. That is why we strive to deliver lightning-fast turnaround times for all data recovery-related jobs. You can expect quick diagnostics and retrieval of your lost files without any hassling delays. 


15+ Years of Experience

Our data recovery laboratory boasts of a team of expert technicians having a combined experience of over 15 years in this domain. We continuously upgrade our skills and workflows to handle even the most challenging data recovery cases efficiently.


Warranty Included

We stand by our work and guarantee recovery of your lost data. All our data recovery services come with a warranty which speaks of the confidence we have in our abilities. If down the line you face any issues with your retrieved data within the warranty duration, we offer free re-services without any hidden charges.

Different Data Retrieval Services

Our data recovery specialists offer a wide selection of data retrieval options to suit different situations and storage devices. Whether your data was stored on a common device or a specialised system, our team has protocols and procedures to handle the retrieval. For example:

Hard Drive Data Recovery​

Hard drives are one of the most common types of storage devices used for saving important files and data. However, there can be situations where data stored on a hard drive becomes inaccessible due to logical or physical failures. Our specialists are equipped to perform hard drive data recovery services under any circumstances. Using advanced tools and procedures, we extract lost data from damaged or non-functional hard drives with precision.

SSD Data Recovery

In addition to traditional hard drives, many users also rely on SSDs for storage. However, just like hard drives, data on SSDs is also at risk of being lost or becoming inaccessible due to different types of failures. The professionals at AMT Electronics are fully capable of performing SSD data recovery using our lab-grade tools and methods. Whether your SSD is physically damaged, formatted accidentally or corrupted by malware, we can successfully extract intact data from it.

Phone Data Recovery

In today’s times, our smartphones store a lot of important information including photos, videos, contacts and more. But mobile devices are also prone to accidental data loss situations like physical damage, software issues, firmware failures etc. We offer phone data recovery services to retrieve your inaccessible data intact. Our team is well-versed in data extraction from various brands and models using specialized tools and techniques.

Mac Data Recovery

In the current era, Apple Mac computers have become extremely popular. However, as with other devices, data stored on Mac systems is also prone to be lost or become inaccessible due to various logical and physical failures. At AMT Electronics, we have proficiency in Mac data recovery techniques. Our data recovery lab is equipped with solutions tailor-made for Mac file system structures.


At AMT Electronics, recovering data is indeed worth the investment. Our highly trained team has rescued thousands of files that had immense value for clients, far exceeding the cost of services. Rather than losing your significant data for good, it makes sense to give experts a chance at retrieval through tested techniques and tools before the information is gone forever.

We understand such scepticism, which is why AMT Electronics strives to achieve 100% success rates. Thousands of happy past clients stand as proof that data recovery is not just some vague service but a practical solution backed by proven tools and protocols. Whether accidental formatting, virus attacks or physical disk corruption – with years of experience, our lab has consistently retrieved desired files successfully.

On average, our data recovery labs achieve over 100% success rates across various types of data storage devices. The rate may vary slightly depending on the severity of logical/physical damage and the type of media. However, with years of expertise handling diverse situations, we have streamlined methods that allow us to extract the most intact information.

While data recovery aims to restore lost files, there are some inherent risks clients should be aware of before starting the process. Such as “further damage to storage device – incomplete file recovery – file modification – duplication of existing files” At AMT Electronics, we take all necessary precautions to ensure our data recovery services carry essentially zero risks for clients.

Timmy Jones
Great customer support
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Great Specials on Mobile Phone SIM Cards Half Price. They seem to always have great prices for SIM Cards, they even activate it on the stop. Great Place to go.
Bobby Fisher
Bobby Fisher
Flexible services
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I was studying all night not too far away from my year 12 exams. Luckily i found a store in the city AMT Electronics Repair Centre which they could easily repair my mac with no problems and at a low cost.
Charlie Zany
Charlie Zany
Inexpensive prices
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Great Customer Service. My son was desperate for a new mobile phone so i decided to bring him in with me and wow. Not just did i receive my low costing mobile phone i also got a new sim card at a cheap price for my son and I. Thankyou AMT Electronics Repair Centre for all your help.
Affordable prices
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Really great service. I left my laptop in over night to have the hinge fixed. They quoted a much lower price than other shops since they were able to fix and reinstall the hinge rather than replace multiple parts. The laptop is touch screen and convertible so an extra delicate job had to be done. They were friendly and really knew what they were talking about. Delighted with how everything turned out, it's as good as new!
Newar Maximus
Newar Maximus
Quick & Reliable
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I had an experience, with the phone repair service! Right, from the moment I stepped in the staff was extremely friendly and attentive. They swiftly. Resolved the problem with my phone. Now its working flawlessly. What pleasantly surprised me was that not was their service fast. It was also reasonably priced. I truly value their professionalism and expertise. I highly recommend this place to anyone who needs phone and laptop repairs. Thank you much!"