Secure Data Erasure in Melbourne

This is a call for anyone wanting to erase their gadget’s data. AMT Electronics is the perfect place to do it. We provide professional data erasure services in Melbourne. Our full team of professional tech experts will guarantee you a secure data erasure. What are you waiting for? Reach out to us now and have the perfect data erasure services in no time!

AMT Electronics for the perfect data erasure services Melbourne

Looking for somewhere to erase your gadget’s data? We are the perfect place for you. At AMT Electronics, not only we will help you erase your gadget’s data in no time, but also, guarantee you a secure data erasure. We are the perfect place for secure data deletion because the security of your data is one of our priorities. Reach out to us now!

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Why Choose AMT Electronics


Quick Repair Services

Time is of the essence when your devices need repair or data wiping. At AMT Electronics, our expert team works efficiently to ensure fast turnaround times. We’ll have your device cleaned, wiped and returned to you in no time at all. Our professional technicians are highly skilled at delivering quality service with speed and care.


15+ Years of Experience

With over 15 years in the technology industry, AMT Electronics has built a reputation for reliable, trusted service. Our data security specialists have extensive expertise in all areas of device repair, data recovery and erasure. You can have confidence knowing your sensitive data is in the most capable of hands.



Warranty Included

Quality workmanship is our guarantee. That’s why all our secure data erasure services come with a 30-day warranty at no additional cost. Should you experience any issues within 30 days of your service, we’ll have your device looked at immediately. At AMT Electronics, customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Why is signing up for data erasure services for your gadget important before selling it?

Are you about to sell your phone, laptop, ipad or any other gadget you have got? It is, then, important that you sign up for data erasure services to erase all your gadget’s data before selling it. There are many reasons why erasing your gadget’s data is crucial before selling or disposing of it. These include, but are not limited to,:

Maintaining your privacy

Privacy is one very essential reason why it is crucial to have all your gadget’s data erased before selling or disposing of it. Many people have got personal data on their gadgets like their personal photos, videos and documents. If that also includes you, make sure you sign up for data deletion services to wipe out all the data on your gadget before selling or disposing of it. This will make sure that no personal data is left on your gadget for other potential users to access and see.

Maintaining your security

In a very technologically advanced world, gadgets and electronic devices have become an inevitable storage site for much of our sensitive and critical data. This includes your social media account passwords and even your financial data including your debit and credit card data. This is why making sure all your passwords and financial data are secured is very important. Accordingly, wiping out such data off your gadgets before selling or disposing of them is crucial.

Timmy Jones
Great customer support
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Great Specials on Mobile Phone SIM Cards Half Price. They seem to always have great prices for SIM Cards, they even activate it on the stop. Great Place to go.
Bobby Fisher
Bobby Fisher
Flexible services
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I was studying all night not too far away from my year 12 exams. Luckily i found a store in the city AMT Electronics Repair Centre which they could easily repair my mac with no problems and at a low cost.
Charlie Zany
Charlie Zany
Inexpensive prices
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Great Customer Service. My son was desperate for a new mobile phone so i decided to bring him in with me and wow. Not just did i receive my low costing mobile phone i also got a new sim card at a cheap price for my son and I. Thankyou AMT Electronics Repair Centre for all your help.
Affordable prices
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Really great service. I left my laptop in over night to have the hinge fixed. They quoted a much lower price than other shops since they were able to fix and reinstall the hinge rather than replace multiple parts. The laptop is touch screen and convertible so an extra delicate job had to be done. They were friendly and really knew what they were talking about. Delighted with how everything turned out, it's as good as new!
Newar Maximus
Newar Maximus
Quick & Reliable
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I had an experience, with the phone repair service! Right, from the moment I stepped in the staff was extremely friendly and attentive. They swiftly. Resolved the problem with my phone. Now its working flawlessly. What pleasantly surprised me was that not was their service fast. It was also reasonably priced. I truly value their professionalism and expertise. I highly recommend this place to anyone who needs phone and laptop repairs. Thank you much!"