5 Ways To Make Your MacBook Faster

Do you want your MacBook to run faster and at a good speed?

Getting a Macbook is one of your biggest investments and Apple has surely justified your investment. If your Macbook is not running as per your expectations, then you should consider it taking to a Apple repairing center. Moreover, the Apple operating system works really well by optimizing it from time to time. Updating your Macbook will boost up its performance. If your MacBook has become frustratingly slow, there are so many ways you can speed it up again.

Uninstall all unnecessary applications

Uninstalling all the unwanted applications that are running unused in the background is the very first thing that you should do. Closing down all the unwanted application provides space in your Macbook. If you are noticing that any particular application is causing the problem, consider uninstalling it right away. This will not only speed up the booting process but also speed up your system as a whole.

Update your software

First thing first, you really need to make sure that you keep your system up-to- date. Not keeping your software updated would be the reason for the slow speed of your MacBook. Apple releases software update once a while to boost the system performance and to provide its customers with the best user experience. Make sure that you take full advantage of it.

Add more RAM

If you are not satisfied with the RAM memory, then it’s time to add more memory. You can simply replace it in a hard drive and add more memory in it. While buying the new RAM, it is very important that you buy the right amount, type, and speed. After finding the new RAM, you can simply replace it to the existing one.

Do a quick Malware scan

If you are wondering MacBook doesn’t get viruses, then you are wrong here. However, it doesn’t get prone to viruses just like Window users. But, that doesn’t mean that Macbook is fully safe. To ensure that the MacBook is safe, make sure that you install antivirus updates. Using Malware scan catches and removes most of the malware found on the devices. It is very necessary that you are doing it quickly and effectively.

Delete browser add-ons

Now, the browsers are highly sophisticated, chrome and other browsers often get overloaded with various extension and add-on. This might be the reason for slow speed in your MacBook. If you want your MacBook runs faster, then it is very necessary to remove all the unnecessary and add-on. Make sure that you delete all the browser extension that you don’t need.