Retrieve Deleted Messages on iPhone.. Simple Steps

We’ve all made mistakes and accidentally deleted text messages or chat conversations that we wish we still had access to. Whether containing important notes, photos, or discussions, being able to retrieve erased messages can save a lot of frustration. This blog will outline some effective ways to recover recently deleted SMS or messaging app texts directly from your iPhone. Let’s get started!

How to Recover deleted messages on iPhone?

Check Recently Deleted Folder

Within the Messages app, tap “Edit” in the top right then scroll to the bottom and select “Recently Deleted.” Here, any messages and attachments deleted from your conversation threads in the last 30 days will be temporarily stored until manually removed. Selection a message will then move it back to your main inbox for access. It’s a quick check as part of recovery.

However, as time passes, messages will automatically delete from this folder. To gain back access for longer, your best options are restoring from an iCloud backup or using a specialized recovery app. Let’s look deeper:

Your iCloud account automatically creates daily, weekly and monthly safety backups of your iPhone data, keeping multiple restore points available as a “safety net” against deletion or device malfunctions.

To restore your deleted messages, first navigate to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Manage Storage > Backup. Here, you can view your recent backups and select “Restore Backup” to revert your device storage content to a previously backed-up state that likely contains your erased messages.

Keep in mindrestored messages will only be retrieved from backsups created before deletion occurred. But restoring is non-destructive and worth trying if your Recently Deleted folder came up empty.

Use a Recovery App

For deeper data scanning beyond Apple’s standard backups, recovery apps like Dr.Fone and Wondershare Repair are often downloadable options. They work by imaging your iPhone storage at a bit-level to search for remnants and metadata of deleted files, allowing selective restoration.

While not guarantees, recovery software has restored erased messages for some users by finding lingering data traces left behind on the device. Apps vary in interface but generally involve connecting your iPhone, scanning storage, previewing recovered content, and restoring desired finds. Be wary of adware, and check app legitimacy beforehand.Find out more about iPhone repair in Melbourne.

Prevent Future Deletion

For ongoing protection, enable iCloud Messages syncing and set up regular backups to keep old texts synced online rather than relying solely on device storage. You can also export message threads or whole conversations periodically as PDF files to an external location for long-term safekeeping separate from iPhone storage.

Ask For Help

If attempting the built-in iPhone data recovery options or third-party apps hasn’t yielded your erased messages, it may be time to seek expert assistance. Don’t lose hope – there are professionals who have deep experience reviving lost smartphone data. Consulting data recovery services can be an excellent next step when self-troubleshooting reaches its limits. Most offer diagnostic evaluations to determine the recoverability of your particular situation.

Some early discussion may even reveal solutions you hadn’t considered. So if you’re at your wit’s end after trying the methods above, pick up your phone and give a data recovery specialist a call. They work with all types of data loss scenarios daily and want to help put your mind at ease. Their skills and resources could very well uncover your missing texts when all else failed. It’s worth a shot to get back what’s important.

Why AMT Electronics

Don’t risk data loss by not backing up. Contact us today and we’ll setup your iCloud backup and review your iPhone security Settings. Message recovery is sometimes possible even after deleting, so get in touch if you need help!


With careful use of built-in iOS tools and selective recovery apps, there is hope even after accidentally deleting text conversations on iPhone. Apply the proactive steps covered here to prevent permanent message loss and protect your conversations moving forward. Let’s stay connected!