The Complete Guide To Easy Microsoft Surface Repairs

Keeping your Microsoft Surface running smoothly can be tricky without the proper knowledge. These devices are packed with delicate technology, so repairs require a cautious touch. This guide aims to give Surface owners an idea of what’s involved with some common fixes around the home.

Whether you’ve got a screen that’s seen better days or sluggish performance striking at the worst times, we’ll walk through diagnosing issues and providing some safe repair methods to try. Preventing further damage and maintaining your Microsoft Surface’s quality are top priorities here. So let’s get into covering the easy fixes and see if we can help your Surface feel as good as new again!

Diagnosing Mircosoft Surface Problems

Determining what’s causing trouble is the first step towards getting your Surface zipping along nicely again. Some frequent fliers include cracked screens, wonky buttons, and under-the-hood slowdowns. When a display takes a tumble, those hairline fractures or dead pixels will be obvious.

But sluggish performance doesn’t always reveal its source so clearly. If apps are running sluggish or your Surface is crashing unexpectedly, try the standard troubleshooting tactics. Restarting can solve simple glitches, while updating drivers and scanning for issues with the Settings app are good places to check first before attempting repairs.

Hardware faults like unresponsive volume or power buttons require a different fix outlined later in this guide. The key is not jumping straight into repairs before isolating the core complication.

Repairing a Cracked Microsoft Surface Screen

For Surface owners who’ve seen their display take a bad bump, a Microsoft Surface Screen replacement is likely the fix. First, make sure to turn off and fully discharge your Surface. Then locate the few tiny screws around the side that hold the glass panel on.

Carefully pry up the edges with a plastic opening tool, being gentle not to force anything. The LCD and touch sensors are delicate, so go slowly. Once open, unplug the screen ribbon cables before removing the old glass.

Installation is the reverse – plug in the new screen, set it into place, and replace the screws. Just be patient, take your time, and try not to apply pressure to any internal components. With a bit of care, your Surface’s screen can be like new again.

crakced microsoft surface screen

Fixing Faulty Mircosoft Surface Buttons

Physical buttons that refuse to work correctly are another frequent issue for Surfaces. The first step is getting inside the casing – start by removing any rear cover or battery. Then look for the small screw securing the troubled button in place.

Gently lifting the button out takes patience, as the connections can be fiddly. Examine whether the issue lies with a worn button or faulty ribbon. New replacement buttons are inexpensive, so it’s best to swap them out entirely rather than fuss with loose contacts.

Reattaching follows the removal process in reverse, taking care when pressing the new button back into its slot. Test that the connector is fully seated before closing everything up. With a small investment and some dexterity, these simple fixes can save your Surface’s functionality.

Microsoft Surface Performance Troubleshooting

When a Surface is running unusually slow, locking up, or battery life seems to drain faster, it’s a sign that something deeper may be awry. The first step is to try a soft reset by holding down the power button for 10 seconds.

This resets without deleting data. Check for any available updates and install them. Open Settings and run a full health check scan under Update & Security to check for issues. Try resetting drivers under System or reinstalling problematic apps one by one.

If problems persist, it may be time to seek expert help. An overheating unit or failing drive are signs your Surface has reached the end of its DIY repair days. With any luck, one of these software strategies will undo any knots in the system and speed things back to normal.


While DIY fixes may remedy minor troubles, it’s important to evaluate repair complexity carefully against safety and warranty implications. Please also check manufacturer guidelines, which sometimes specify authorised servicers. With patience and care, simple maintenance can extend your Surface’s lifespan.