iPad Repair vs Replacement: Which is Better For You?

Whether your iPad is getting on in years or has just taken a tumble, you may be faced with the decision about whether repair or replacement is the better option. As specialists in gadget repairs based in Melbourne, Australia, AMT Electronics is well-placed to offer advice on repairing versus replacing iPads or other Apple devices.

With over 10 years experience fixing and servicing electronics of all types, the team at AMT Electronics understand that iPads have become invaluable tools in this digital age that hold a lot of our personal information, photos and contacts. Rather than opting straight for a replacement, it’s worth finding out if a repair is possible to keep using your existing iPad and retain all of your stored data.

When is it better to repair your iPad?

Repairing an iPad with a minor issue is often the most cost-effective option. Common repairs like fixing a cracked screen typically range between $150-$300 depending on the iPad model and damage. In comparison, an outright replacement of even an older iPad can set you back $500 or more.

Since iPads are designed to last 3-5 years on average before performance starts declining, some simple iPad repairs allows you to squeeze more life out of your existing device. Not only will your wallet thank you, but repairing also means you won’t lose any of your precious personal data, photos, videos, documents or app data that you’ve built up.

For many users, all of their contacts, calendars and files are stored directly on their iPad, making replacement an inconvenient option. Additionally, repairing helps reduce electronic waste in landfills. It’s estimated millions of tonnes of e-waste are generated each year globally, so sustaining devices through repairs cuts down on this environmental impact.

Some manufacturers may also try to void your warranty if taking your iPad elsewhere for a fix, but reputable repairers like AMT Electronics use genuine parts to perform quality repairs that don’t compromise your warranty.

When is it better to replace your iPad?

There are some situations where replacement makes more practical financial sense than repair. If your iPad is showing its age at over 5 years old, it’s unlikely to be cost effective fixing issues like failing batteries that may soon need replacing again.

Apple is well known for optimising performance of newer iOS versions primarily for their latest iPad models, so older tablets can really start to show their age after a few years of software updates. A repair shop may quote you close to $300 for a new battery, when a basic iPad from even 2-3 years ago is available for only a couple hundred more.

Likewise, if liquid damage, cracked screens or other forms of severe physical damage have left your iPad in pieces, chances are parts and labour to repair it may exceed the potential resale value of an older device. In such cases of extensive damage or outdated models, replacement is more practical.

Modern iPads also offer speed, memory and feature upgrades worth upgrading for – things like laminated screens, higher resolution cameras and improved processors. Apple also provides you peace of mind via their Premium Reseller repair warranty, giving free diagnostics and potential replacement if further issues arise within the warranty term of a new device.

While you may lose personal files stored locally, syncing key data to iCloud means your contacts, photos and files can easily transfer to a new replacement iPad with minimum disruption.


By now you should have a clearer picture of whether repair or replacement is the better path forward for your iPad, depending on its condition and your individual needs.

As specialists in electronic servicing and repairs, AMT Electronics diligently assesses each device to recommend the most cost-effective solution tailored specifically for you. Their team of industry-qualified technicians undertakes repairs with precision and care, using only genuine Apple components.

For a fast turnaround on iPad repairs priced fairly, contact AMT Electronics at their Melbourne store or book a free diagnosis online today. With over a decade of servicing the local area, you can trust their expertise will have your iPad back in your hands – or replaced with a brand new model if required – and in optimal working condition once again in no time.