How to fix water damaged iPhone?

Getting your iPhone dropped in water is one of the most common mishaps smartphone users can experience, whether from accidentally dropping their device in water or exposing it to rain or other moisture. Unfortunately, exposure to liquid can often result in a water damaged iPhone that exhibits issues like flickering or unresponsive touchscreens, intermittent charging problems, cameras failing to launch, or in severe cases, complete device failure.

Repairing water damage isn’t always straightforward, but taking the right steps can help drying out an iPhone that has gotten wet and properly assessing it for signs of internal liquid damage.

This article will provide a comprehensive guide to the process of disassembling, drying and inspecting a water damaged iPhone for liquid damage indicators, replacing any damaged components if needed, and estimating typical water damaged iPhone repair costs. Repeat keywords that have been included are: water damaged iPhone, iPhone water damage repair, and water damage.

Signs Your iPhone May Have Water Damage

Though not all iPhones that come in contact with liquid will immediately malfunction, it’s important to be aware of potential signs that could indicate internal components sustained water damage. Symptoms such as an intermittent, flickering or unresponsive touchscreen, random shutdowns, apps force closing or crashing unexpectedly are common among iPhones that experienced liquid submersion or spillage.

Other warnings include sluggish performance where tasks take longer than usual to respond or complete, the camera lens failing to launch properly, or the device freezing intermittently. While leaving an iPhone to naturally air dry could solve minor external moisture, these issues suggest water may have penetrated deeper inside the casing. That’s why it’s recommended taking your iPhone to a qualified professional for a thorough inspection.

Part of the diagnosis process involves dismantling the device to examine liquid contact indicators (LCIs), small sticker-like pads inside housings covering components such as the charging port or speaker grilles. If these pads exhibit a changed color after liquid exposure, it confirms water breached that area.

Proper diagnosis of these LCI readings aids an accurate estimate for iphone water damage repair cost to return your device to full working operation. Repeated keywords included are: water damaged iPhone, iPhone water damage repair.

Steps to Repair a Water Damaged iPhone

If diagnosis finds an iPhone has indeed sustained water damage internally, the next step is to carefully disassemble the device and dry out any liquid trapped inside. With the right tools and technique, removing screws and prying open casings can safely be done without risking further harm. iPhones should be left fully dismantled in a warm, ventilated area to naturally air dry for 48 to 72 hours.

Desiccant drying kits using moisture absorber materials like silica gel can expedite the process for heavily wet devices. It’s then crucial to thoroughly inspect for tripped LCIs and corrosion around the charging port, buttons and other electronics. Damaged components like the charging flex cable or logic board may need replacing to restore full functionality.

Reputable iPhone repair shops are equipped to accurately test and source high-quality components for a complete iPhone dropped in water fix. With proper drying and repairs, users can get their iPhones fully operational again following liquid immersion. Repeated keywords include: water damaged iPhone, iPhone water damage repair.

Drying Out a Wet iPhone

After careful disassembly, the priority is ensuring any liquid trapped inside an iPhone is fully evaporated. Leaving the device’s internals exposed expediting the natural drying process. As mentioned, a timeframe of 48 to 72 hours is usually sufficient, though more severely drenched iPhones may require additional time.

It’s important not to turn the iPhone on at all during this drying stage, as liquid short circuits can still potentially damage components if power is applied. Desiccant drying kits help absorb moisture faster by placing an iPhone in a sealable container lined with silica gel desiccant packs, which are later safely disposed of.

Heavily impacted areas like the charging ports or headphone jack may also benefit from very carefully drying with compressed air thereafter. Either method guarantees trapped liquid is removed before further testing or repairs are attempted which improves the chances of a successful water damaged iPhone fix. This is a crucial step to undertake before proceeding with additional treatment or repairs.

Replacing Water Damaged Components

If liquid contact indicator checks show they’ve changed color after liquid exposure, internal water damage is confirmed. This helps evaluate which components need to be replaced for a successful repair. Common parts needing renewal include: ruptured charging flex cables preventing charging, corroded 30-pin/Lightning charging ports interrupting data transfer, and damaged audio chips resulting in malfunctioning speakers or microphones.

Qualified iPhone water damage specialists have the experience and access to high-quality supplies necessary to source exact component matches. Careful component-level repairs eliminate issues stemming from internal short circuits or deterioration, ultimately restoring full functionality to a water damaged iPhone. With proper techniques, even extensively impacted devices can often still be salvaged through competent repairs.

Estimating Repair Costs for a Water Damaged iPhone

Figuring a fair repair estimate for an iPhone dropped in water depends on certain factors determined through diagnostic inspection. The extent and locations of liquid intrusion detected by LCI checks, along with any parts needing replacement play a large role.

Issues like minor speaker malfunctions typically cost less to resolve than multiple component replacements. Labour expenses also contribute. On average, basic water damage repairs range from $200-$500 depending on the device model and work required.

However, advanced liquid damage penetrating deeper into more complex areas like the main logic board may push costs up to $600-$900 to fully remedy depending on parts sourcing difficulties. Getting an assessment from a trusted shop alleviates uncertainty around restoring a wet iPhone back to full working condition and regular usage.


With proper care taken through diagnosis, inspection, repairs and finally testing, even extensively water damaged iPhones stand good chances of being salvageable. Qualified liquid damage repair specialists have the necessary skills, equipment and access to supplies enabling them to thoroughly evaluate and treat affected devices.

From minor to more complex liquid intrusions, many wet iPhones can return to full functionality instead of needing replacement. This article outlined the complete process for users – from comprehending potential signs of water harm, safely drying devices, checking for indicators to comprehend fix requirements and gauging pricing. With preventative precautions and entrusting repairs to certified pros, future mishaps may be avoided as well. With diligent treatment, affected iPhones need not end up as total losses to downpours.