How To Build Gaming Pc in Australia 2024

Whether just starting out in the exciting world of PC gaming or looking to upgrade an existing setup, embarking on a custom build project is a very rewarding experience. However, it’s important to conduct thorough research upfront to ensure your results meet expectations both now and in the future.

Carefully consider not only your budget for initial components, but also factor in additional ongoing costs like accessories, required software licenses, potential troubleshooting expenses, computer repairs, and upgrade opportunities down the line. Allowing room for unforeseen circumstances aids longevity. When determining budget levels, investigate example builds within your desired price ranges to understand typical specifications achieved

Pay close attention to specifically which game titles are demonstrated running at varying graphic quality presets. Different genres like simulation, first-person shooters, real-time strategies and more can place varying demands that influence ideal configurations. Reflect deeply on what types of gaming experiences are most important and will provide the most enjoyment to properly dictate component selections.

Leaving headroom also for incrementally improving your rig over time prevents early obsolescence as technologies continue evolving rapidly. Only with thorough online research comparing various options and seeing examples can strategic, budget-conscious planning occur for a custom build tailored perfectly to deliver buttery-smooth frame rates, visual splendour and years of dedicated service at the cutting edge of performance. Proper upfront due diligence lays the crucial groundwork for success.

Graphics Card: The Cornerstone of Gaming Performance

One of the first and most important selections for any custom gaming PC build is the graphics card, also known as the GPU. As the primary hardware component responsible for all graphical processing and visuals displayed on screen, having a capable GPU tailored to your needs and budget is vital. Take the necessary time to research options that suit the kinds of games you enjoy playing, desired quality presets and target frame rates.

For balanced 1080p gaming on high-ultra settings at 60+ FPS in modern AAA titles like Call of Duty and Civilization 6, NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3060 delivers excellent value. Featuring 12GB of fast GDDR6 VRAM, these cards have no issues handling today’s most demanding textures and effects-heavy games. Key specifications to consider include the CUDA core count, memory bandwidth and cooling solution for reliable sustained performance.

Features like hardware-accelerated real-time ray tracing and regular driver optimizations also ensure compatibility and support for the latest APIs. This supports smoothly running games for several years into the future without needing early upgrades. Be sure to compare performance benchmarks and thermals and noise levels between custom variants from top brands such as Asus, MSI, Gigabyte and Zotax.

Well-reviewed specific GPU models that provide optimal price to performance ratios for 1080p include the Asus Dual GeForce RTX 3060 and MSI Ventus 3X GeForce RTX 3060 Ti. These mid-range options from reliable manufacturers hit the sweet spot of graphical horsepower without breaking budgets. Paying close attention to details like cooling specs helps achieve a tailored configuration for smooth, reliable gameplay.

The Processor: CPU Considerations for Top-Tier Gaming

One of the most impactful yet often underappreciated components in any custom gaming PC is the central processing unit, or CPU. As the primary controller mediating all computational tasks from graphical workloads to intricate simulation calculations, having a well-matched processor plays a key role in ensuring fluid, stutter-free gameplay across genres and titles.

AMD’s Ryzen 5 5600X currently offers one of the best mixes of price/performance for core gamers. Featuring 6 high-performing P-cores and the ability to handle 12 simultaneous threads of execution, it delivers top-tier single and multi-threaded speeds within an efficient 65W package. Regular BIOS optimizations also keep this chip tuned for current APIs and minimized latency times.

Intel’s 12th-gen Core i5-12400F provides a compelling alternative as well, with marginally higher claimed single-threaded performance beneficial for some use cases or game engines. While its basic UHD 730 graphics are only suitable for light displays and productivity, this CPU still allows smooth gameplay once paired with a discrete GPU.

For unlocking the full overclocking and feature set potential of either Intel Alder Lake or AMD Zen 3 architectures, soling B660 or X670 motherboards appropriately matched to the CPU socket type is recommended for robust and future-proof support.Options such as the Asus PRIME B660M-A or MSI PRO B660M-A WIFI ensure all modern connectivity and expansion needs are met at reasonable price points.

Thorough testing analysis reviewing not just peak benchmarks but also sustained thermal results and minimum framerates across titles help determine the best-suited CPU after weighing usage scenarios, budgets and upgrade headroom for an optimized gaming experience.

System Memory: Fast RAM is Crucial for Peak Gaming

One component that can often be overlooked yet significantly impacts overall performance is a computer’s system memory. As the hardware that your CPU utilizes for running programs, multitasking and loading game assets, having a balanced amount of fast RAM is crucial. For intense gaming workloads that push hardware to its limits, high-speed memory helps eliminate unnecessary bottlenecks.

Reliable and value-priced DDR4 modules like Crucial Ballistix or G.Skill Ripjaws V offerings in a 16GB (2x8GB) kit running at speeds of DDR4-3600 provide an excellent starting point. These latencies and bandwidths allow the CPU and GPU to access levels of data smoothly without delays, optimizing performance.

Pairing faster RAM like 3600MHz profiles with an capable motherboard like the feature-rich MSI PRO B660M-A WIFI allows taking full advantage through simple one-click DOCP/XMP overclocking in the BIOS without manual tweaking. Its two reinforced RAM slots support a healthy total capacity of up to 128GB also providing room needed for future upgrades to multitasking demands.

With 16GB of DDR4-3600 certain to satisfy needs for many upcoming titles both during intense gaming sessions, partnered with multi-tasking productivity tools running concurrently. This balanced memory configuration will future-proof your build significantly versus slower alternatives at often very reasonable price points nowadays.

Storage Strategies: Optimizing Drive Selection for Games

With today’s modern AAA titles featuring immense high-fidelity textures and rapidly increasing file sizes, primary and secondary storage solutions have become mission-critical for smooth gaming experiences.

A fast NVMe M.2 SSD installed as the primary drive allows priority assets and levels to stream lightning quick, directly affecting load times and overall fluidity.The 1TB Crucial P5 Plus provides immense value, delivering blazing sequential read/write speeds as high as 6600/5000 MB/s from its PCIe Gen3 interface. Its robust overtime performance remains strong even during extensive multi-tasking sessions.

Ensure your selected motherboard like the feature-packed MSI PRO B660M-A WIFI includes M.2 slots mounted above pre-installed heatsinks for safe operation of higher capacity drives added later.

Beyond the base OS and games library retained on an SSD, additional hard disk drives offer large affordable storage for archives, media files and older titles played less frequently. Options like 4-8TB Seagate Barracuda desktop HDDs equipped with 64MB caches neatly serve this role.

Together this optimized combination of fast primary NVMe storage paired with spacious secondary hard disks satisfy all needs seamlessly for many years of gaming ahead. Always verify storage placements do not obstruct other components thermals too – routing cables along frame cutouts and confirming adequate ventilation maintains optimal temperatures across all hardware. With careful planning upfront, this approach sets you up for lag-free, hassle-free gaming and productivity.

Power Supply: Fueling Performance

As the vital yet commonly overlooked lifeblood powering an entire system continuously, having a robust, stable PSU forms a cornerstone of any high-performance gaming rig. Beyond simply receiving wall current and redistributing regulated wattage, quality units uphold stringent protections, universal compatibility and clean, efficient delivery.

Seasonic’s 650W FOCUS GM and Corsair’s RM650x (2021) currently provide optimal mid-range configurations at superb ratings like 80+ Gold. Ensuring over 50°C capacitor tolerances with global voltages secures worldwide compatibility, calming concerns when upgrades expand demands.

Protection suites such as OTP, OVP, UVP and SCP keep all internals like GPUs and VRMs safely operational during transient power issues too without compromising over years.

Modular flat cables from these manufacturers blessing small spaces in quality Mini-ITX builds also maintain clearances perfectly. Their combined silent, zero-RPM modes under light loads allow distraction-free sessions undisturbed.

Overall between 650-750W capacity paired to your processor, GPU and peripherals choice unleashes immersive experiences dependably.

Case: Housing Components in Style and Function

Beyond simply storing beloved internal wares, investment in a well-designed housing allows full customization potential while safeguarding investments reliability. Comprehensive analysis minimizes compromises.

For maximal flexibility and versatile ATX configurations, the Phanteks Eclipse P300A Mesh and Cooler Master MB511 showcase ample dimensions, removable dust filters and well-positioned meshed intakes with pre-installed 120mm address thermal demands acoustically. Modern USB-C, audio and LED accents also provide convenient access

Compact Mini-ITX choices like Cooler Master NR200P maximize space usage through its versatile dual chamber layout and riser cable accommodating both vertical and horizontal motherboard installations within compact footprints. Expanses like these open creative doors.

Interior cable routing cutouts and customizable radiator/fan placements provide airflow and aesthetic optimization. Dust filters paired with tinted tempered glass uphold aesthetics dependably. Affordable options from Corsair and be quiet! equally shine with balance and longevity.

Cooling Solutions: Keeping Components Comfortable

Thermal regulation forms another pillar upholding durable performance over generations of gaming. Versatile all-in-one liquid coolers provide elegant aesthetics while efficiently siphoning vital CPU heat away.

Popular budget AIOs such as the 120mm Deepcool Gammaxx L120 or 240mm Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240 illustrate effective yet affordable options for mainstream processors. Their address noise levels nicely within compact enclosures too.

Compact air coolers also satisfy needs admirably, like Deepcool AK400’s generous fin stack cooling Ryzen platforms surprisingly well inside Mini-ITX spaces too.

Custom liquid loops offer enthusiasts supreme temperatures accompanied by showcase flair. Ensure soft or rigid tubing is meticulously planned and leak tested before filling.

Thermal paste selection considers application efficiency and longevity. Non-conductive varieties spanning Arctic MX-4 to Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut cover all budgets superbly.

Post Installation: Optimizing Software & Settings

With hardware installed neatly in its case, post-building focus turns to integrating optimal companion software. Initial setups address Windows personalization plus installed anti-virus preferences for security fundamentals.

BIOS optimizations configure overclocking potential if pursued. Other core options involving fan curve customization, disabling unused items ensure focused, efficient operations. Monitor driver installation completes display set ups while network and audio drivers elevate peripherals too.

Must-have utility software spanning CPU-Z, AIDA64 and HWInfo64 establish taskbar sensors monitoring temperatures, usage metrics. Messaging setups like Discord Mantle frames improve experiences. Quality of life also appreciates platter managers, updaters like NZXT Cam.

It’s important to be aware of common computer problems during this phase as well. These can include slow performance, frequent crashes, and issues with internet connectivity. Installing the right drivers and software updates can help mitigate these issues. Regularly monitoring system health and addressing any detected issues promptly can ensure smoother operation.

Peripheral Paradise: Accessorizing the Gaming Experience

No setup feels complete without thoughtfully chosen peripherals elevating interactions gracefully. Allow me to detail suitable recommendations, divided appropriately:

Keyboard Kingdom:

Mechanical keyboards like Logitech’s G512 or G915 TKL resonate satisfyingly under fingertips while their dedicated media controls and lighting presets enrich workflows.

Mouse Management:

Versatile gaming mice such as Razer DeathAdder V2 Mini and Logitech G305 Lightspeed fit ergonomically into many hand sizes delivering responsive tracking across cloth or hard pads. Assignable buttons plus on-the-fly DPI adjustments satisfy varied playstyles.

Audio Affairs:

TRig soundscapes emerge with SHP9500 headphones paired to dedicated sound cards or DAC/AMP combos like Creative’s G6. Their ample oversized drivers engulf listeners authentically within vivid soundstages.

Monitor Momentum:

ViewSonic Elite XG270QG implements industry-leading Adaptive Sync support through NVIDIA G-Sync technology and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro. Its 27-inch IPS panel flaunts 2560×1440 Quad HD resolution alongside a blazing fast 165Hz refresh rate ideal for productivity and multitasking.

Extra highlights consist of a 4000:1 contrast ratio, 98% DCI-P3 coverage and Delta E < 2 color accuracy ensuring assets pop vibrantly.

Dedicated on-screen display options customize lighting profiles to one’s taste as well. An ergonomic stand provides versatile height, tilt and swivel adjustments for lengthy sessions in comfort. Its futuristic aesthetic complements any desktop ensemble.

Bottom Line: Estimating Total Investment

No journey should commence without regard to budget parameters. Allow me to provide a sample estimated cost breakdown demonstrating how enthusiast-level

    1. CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600X – $350 AUD
    2. Motherboard: MSI B550M PRO-VDH WiFi – $200 AUD
    3. RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB 3200MHz – $120 AUD
    4. GPU: Asus TUF RTX 3060 Ti – $700 AUD
    5. Storage: WD Blue SN570 1TB M.2 NVMe – $150 AUD
    6. Case: Cooler Master MB311L ARGB – $90 AUD
    7. PSO: Corsair RM650x – $150 AUD
    8. CPU Cooler: Deepcool AK400 – $70 AUD
    9. Fans: UpHere T12 120mm x3 – $45 AUD
    10. Monitor: ASUS VA24EHE 23.8″ 1080p 75Hz – $220 AUD
    11. Keyboard: Royal Kludge RK84 – $90 AUD
    12. Mouse: Razer DeathAdder Essential – $50 AUD
    13. Headset: HyperX Cloud Stinger – $70 AUD
Total: Approximately $A2,300