How Much Will It Cost To Fix iPhone Screen?

Repairing a cracked or broken smartphone screen is often a much more cost-effective solution than outright replacing the entire device. However, it is important to act promptly to prevent further damage that could end up making repairs more complex or expensive over time. With some minor screen damage, it may be possible to continue using the device in the short term. But for anything more than very minor cracks, repairing the screen sooner rather than later is usually advisable.

How Long Can I Ignore a Cracked or Damaged iPhone Screen?

While a cracked screen may not immediately stop the basic functions of a phone, it is not wise to ignore screen damage indefinitely. Even small cracks or breaks in the outer glass lessen the device’s protection from external impacts and moisture. Additional drops could result in further fracturing of damaged areas or spreading of the cracks. Over time, ignoring screen damage also risks allowing additional moisture ingress if the cracks penetrate deeper. This could potentially damage underlying display components or even circuitry.

With a broken outer glass, the device becomes much more vulnerable in general use when out and about daily. Further trauma from accidental drops may not only worsen existing cracks but potentially cause much more extensive damage within the phone itself. For this reason, continuing long-term use of a phone with even a minor cracked screen carries an element of risk and could lead to much higher eventual repair bills if damage spreads. The exception would be trivially minor nicks or cracks that do not enter deeply into the outer glass or obstruct usable portions of the screen in any way. However, if cracks are noticeable and impacting portions of the visible display zone, it is generally best to have the screen repaired professionally within a few weeks at most of initial damage occurring.

Screen Damage Different Types

Cracked screen conditions can vary widely in severity from barely-noticeable hairline fractures to complete shattered panes of glass. The degree of repair complexity and associated costs tend to scale up correspondingly with damage levels:

Minor crack

A small, isolated crack less than 1cm long that does not impact screen responsiveness. May be left short-term if tightly within the edge bezel.

Network of cracks

Multiple hairline cracks branching out typically from an impact point. Repair still feasible but increased risk of further spreading.

Shattered screen

Full fragmentation of glass into several pieces rendering any section of the display unusable. Requires full replacement of entire outer glass assembly.

Can Sticky Tape Temporarily Fix a Cracked iPhone Screen?

While adhesive film or tape can offer short-term protection of cracked areas allowing continued limited use of the phone, it is not an appropriate longer-term solution and should only ever be considered a stopgap. Even then, the risk of further spreading damage remains if the device is subject to impacts. Tape will not fully reseal or repair the integrity of a cracked screen pane and any underlying functionality issues will not be addressed this way. It also may not survive more than a few days’ worth of use before edges start to lift or the tape fails to properly adhere anymore. As a temporary measure only, tape could allow transferring some data or making backup calls, but proper display module replacement or repair is ultimately required for a long-lasting fix.

How much will repair cost?

Pricing for professional iPhone screen repairs in Melbourne varies depending on the model, age, and extent of damage, but on average most mainstream devices cost between $100-$400 to replace just the outer glass pane. Crack or shatter repair kits are available online if attempting a DIY fix, with full display assemblies around $50-$150 generally for popular phones up to a few years old. For iPhones specifically, Apple’s direct repair costs start at $149+ for most out-of-warranty iPhone X and later models, or $45 with AppleCare+. Beyond official channels, third-party repairers normally charge significantly less. Additional factors influencing third-party pricing include device functionality without glass, parts quality, and any warranty offered.

While DIY saves money, professional repair ensures reliable, warranted results. Premium manufacturer warranties and add-on phone insurances may also apply to damage from accidental breakages, further reducing repair costs significantly or covering them entirely depending on excess charges and claim limits. Always check warranty/policy fine print for specifics of cover.


With repair costs averaging several hundred dollars or potentially even less, fixing rather than replacing a phone with even quite serious cracked screen trauma is almost always the more practical financial choice. Prompt professional replacement or repair of any more than very minor screen cracking helps prevent further damage escalation risks too. For minor nicks, tape may suffice temporarily, but all other cases call for a proper repair by experienced technicians to safely restore full device protection and functionality long-term. With the right repair approach, busted screens need not signal the end for an otherwise sound mobile device.